Christmas Tree Delivery Fort Myers FL

Christmas Tree Delivery is available for all of Lee and Collier County including, Naples, Estero, Bonita Springs and Fort Myers. Pricing is based on the size and location to be delivered. Call Scott (239) 210-8687 or Al (239) 229-6582 for exact pricing and scheduling.

Uncle Al’s Christmas Tree’s Fort Myers and Naples only offer the finest, durable and high quality Christmas Tree stand on the market. Davis stands are offered in 8’, 10’, 12’ and 15’ sizes at our three Christmas tree tents in Fort Myers, Estero and Naples.

Bring your stand back next year and we will install it for you before we load your Uncle Al’s Christmas Tree on your vehicle.  

Why use a Davis Tree Stand? First the water bowl fits conveniently under the stand. Once your tree is purchased we bundle your tree again for easy transport. Then we hammer the spike on the bottom of the stand tight. Next we crank in a crank on the center of the tree until it is all the way in. Finally we check to see if your tree is perfectly straight. If your Christmas Tree isn’t perfectly straight we push the tree away from us and then we step on the stand. “Boom” your tree is perfectly straight and ready to be placed and tied on your vehicle for transport.

Christmas Tree Delivery Call (239) 210-8687